About this Journal

This site is connected to London University’s Master of Teaching degree, taught at the UCL Institute of Education, London, and is an intiative of alumni and staff of the programme.

Every year, serving teachers produce disserations and reports as part of their master’s degrees. Often, these are excellent pieces of writing that should be shared with as many people as possible. Pencils and colouring pencils [1255] More often than not, however, work that is evidence of years of classroom experience is shared with only a few close colleagues.

We want this site to be a place where the best work arising out of our programme can be read by the widest readership. We want this to be part of a dialogue between serving school teachers, and those working in teacher education and higher education. We hope it will bridge academic study and professional work in schools and that you will find something of interest quickly, and maybe join the conversation.



2 thoughts on “About this Journal

  1. Samreen Ali says:

    I am an alumni of MTeach programme at IOE-UCL, graduated in 2015. I want my research to be published online at this website. Can you please share the procedure with me?

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