An e-Learning Focus: Implications for Teaching and Learning in the Context of BTEC Travel and Tourism


Charlotte Parsons is a lecturer in a Further Education College in Greater London and carried out research with her own classes in 2015. The research focused on the delivering teaching and learning solely through eLearning tools. The research looked to assess the extent to which it engaged her learners and the implications that this change created not only for them for her as their teacher.

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Teacher Research Projects: what’s available out there?

Students working on a computer[1090]

At this point of the year, lots of teachers will be breathing a massive sigh of relief having finished their classroom research projects;  others will be chewing their nails thinking about the one they’re about to start.

So it’s timely to think about where all this work gets published.

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Search Engines as a Tool to Assist in the Teaching and Learning Process

Alykhan Dhanani was teaching secondary school students in the Ismaili Religious Centre in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania when he conducted his action research project in 2015. His study  explored whether search engines as a tool can assist the teaching and learning process or not.  His study explored how search engines are defined and seen by Tanzanian teachers and students, and uncovered links between the use of search engines and other educational theories such as constructivism, differentiation, scaffolding and active learning.

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Effective strategies for overcoming the barriers to the authentic integration of digital technologies in schools.

Sean McHugh is a Digital Literacy Coach at a large international school in Singapore.  The school has recently implemented a technology enhanced learning (TEL) initiative which involved developing a  programme of increased access to computers and other information communiction technology (ICT) across the school.  His enquiry considered barriers to ICT integration, and possible solutions.  Developing ICT expertise for teachers has tended to be done through ‘training courses’. However, for the duration of this enquiry this approach was suspended, in order to explore more learner-centred and collaborative approaches for managing teacher development, giving opportunities for teachers to learn through interactions with their colleagues and with their own students.

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