Editorial Team

The-University-of-_1914269cCo-editor | Adam Unwin | Senior Lecturer, MTeach | a.unwin@ioe.ac.uk
Co-editor | Rosalind Janssen | Lecturer, MTeach | r.janssen@ioe.ac.uk
Consultant Editor | Caroline Daly | Reader in Education | caroline.daly@ioe.ac.uk
Editor | Ambrose Hogan | Lecturer in Education | a.hogan@ioe.ac.uk


| Ambrose Hogan is a teacher educator working on the MTeach at the Institute of Education, UCL, London University.  His classroom experience is in teaching English, Drama and Film in London comprehensive schools; he researches the use of psychoanalytic theory and practice to understand teaching and learning interactions in secondary schools.

Co-editor | Rosalind Janssen is a Lecturer at the Institute of Education, working on both the MTeach and STEP programmes. She acts as the Leading Learning module leader. Rosalind was previously a museum curator and then Lecturer in Egyptology at University College London. She now teaches a regular Egyptology course at Oxford University. Her research interests revolve around religious aspects of the History of Education.

Co-Editor |  Adam Unwin is a Senior Lecturer in Education at the Institute of Education, University College London. His main work has been in London as a teacher and teacher educator. He is currently programme leader for the Master of Teaching (MTeach) a course specifically for practising teachers.  His research interests include new teacher learning, the role of technology in education, work related learning and global development education. Adam has worked on various education projects in the UK and overseas;  his postgraduate work includes an MSc in Development Studies and a Doctorate in Education. He has been an active trade unionist throughout his career.  Adam has recently published with John Yandell: Rethinking Education: whose knowledge is it anyway? http://newint.org/books/no-nonsense-guides/nono-education/

Consultant Editor | Caroline Daly has developed practice-based masters programmes for serving teachers for a number of years and has research interests in how universities support teacher learning and development across the UK. She was a teacher for 11 years before working on the secondary initial teacher education programme at the UCL Institute of Education.



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